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Capo del Mondo

Riding atop a noble steed,
fighting freely without greed.
Always taking on full charge,
though thine fight is always hard.

Far from Heaven's pearly sight,
doing battle and winning the fight.
Facing thine fears all alone,
hardend eyes sky blue in tone.

No hope remains in his heart,
yet never wanting a new start.
Soiled forever are his hands,
covered up with the blood of man.

Equiped whole with sword and shield,
a bloodlust of which he must conceal.
Atop his head no Halo exists,
though wings from Gods he does resist.

Valor, Honor, Chivalry, and Might
this heros soul made not from light.
A weary warrior he is now,
broken armor he does endow.

Let fall thine cape down to the floor,
yet know your need is no more.
Distressed damsels have all been saved,
every Dragon has been braved.

Ever vigiliant you shall remain,
with a soul to not be tamed.
Kings and Queens all buried down,
yet you fight on without a sound.

Broken down Hero please do rest
no need for sword, less need to quest.
Your coat of arms hath been burned,
helmet off, your head is turned.

For your knights tale is to be...
just some Ancient History.

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