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Rejected name

A light in the darkness
No chance before change
No love for the violence
Alone he is slain

Freedom of Wind
Doth carry him on
Damnation of Sin
Carried away by the Dawn

Hard fight was his Life
with a bitter end
Feathers of Strife
His wound will not mend

Ripped out, Beating flesh
He greets with a smile
Speaking with Death
He knows not denile

A glance at the Clouds
Tells a story of one
None make the sounds
Weight of the Heart is a ton

Flying Freely with one Wing
Foot placed firmly at the Gates
Mournful Angels will not Sing
Ripped open soul Demons refuse to taste.

So tell me right and tell me true
that when I get ahold of you
it will not signify thats the end
but that now our hearts, they may blend.

Embrace in the Light
Away and afar
No touch before sight
Far away like a Star.

Truth from the Darkness
Ripped away like a Dream
Pain before Kindness
or so it may seem.

Capo del Mondo

Riding atop a noble steed,
fighting freely without greed.
Always taking on full charge,
though thine fight is always hard.

Far from Heaven's pearly sight,
doing battle and winning the fight.
Facing thine fears all alone,
hardend eyes sky blue in tone.

No hope remains in his heart,
yet never wanting a new start.
Soiled forever are his hands,
covered up with the blood of man.

Equiped whole with sword and shield,
a bloodlust of which he must conceal.
Atop his head no Halo exists,
though wings from Gods he does resist.

Valor, Honor, Chivalry, and Might
this heros soul made not from light.
A weary warrior he is now,
broken armor he does endow.

Let fall thine cape down to the floor,
yet know your need is no more.
Distressed damsels have all been saved,
every Dragon has been braved.

Ever vigiliant you shall remain,
with a soul to not be tamed.
Kings and Queens all buried down,
yet you fight on without a sound.

Broken down Hero please do rest
no need for sword, less need to quest.
Your coat of arms hath been burned,
helmet off, your head is turned.

For your knights tale is to be...
just some Ancient History.


The Stars don't shine quite so bright
The Moon doth hang in the Sky at night
as far as rivers may run wide
as angry as a seething tide.

Angels weep as they fall from Grace
Wings are tied with fiery lace
Humans walk so light and free
As Devils dace, they hold thine key.

Why the Sun doth fall from sight
with it taking peaceful light
An Angry vigil the Sea does sing
rise the fallen, death to a King.

Spirits cry a mournful song
wondering Earth forever long
Darkness has fallen forever more
a deed is done, settled is the score.

Sleeping Princess' End

Sleeping dreamer lay in light,
far away and out of sight.
Naught to keep nightmares at bay,
not a one who wants to stay.

Sleeping dreamer so full of peace,
your life, your love will someday cease.
Your wings have been broken,
true love hath been stolen.

No knight on stead for you tonight,
No Prince for you the darkness can fight.
So wait alone dear, sweet princess.
sleeping peacefully, adorned in your best.

Your kingdom has all come crashing down,
and you, sweet angel, cannot utter a sound.
No cry, no plea, not even a whimper,
just dreams of times that were much more simpler.

You will live on, but not forever
your heartbeat will stop, your lifeline severed.
Dream on pure majesty,
because everyone now has forgotten thee.

The End of the Beginning

Colorful, Vibrant Feathers
crushed in His fist.
Iridescent transparencies
burned in Sin.

Tears of blood vanished,
starved for affection.
Freedom falsed by Anger,
approached by Hate.

Innocence obliterated
by human touch
reborn anew
of selfishness and greed.

All becomes lost in Shadows
as the Moon fades from Trees
Daring not see what it casts
caring not for humanity.

The Sun burns down hope
Scorching all with Lust of Power
No love is to remain
only vigorous Death.

Angels Wings no longer Fly,
Demons Fury set Free.
What is to become of life,
is but a mystery.


Where Angels fall and Demons Fly
That is where I reside
Not by Day, not by night
naught by dark, naught by light.

Come ye weary traveler take flight
Push through hell with all thine might
Just to reach heven's pearly gate
and be told you're much too late.

Wings of Sapphire bleeding fast
One more breath to be thine last
Reach out hand, full of sin
heart what made of rusted tin.

I stand and watch, letting you fall
to be told that is my call
give now, thy final penance
for this place, my residence.

Who Knew?

I can feel my heart beating
aching in my chest
crying out for your blood.

Dearest one, you do not cry
no tears to be shed
only sand from dried up hues.

Stories of yore tell of his love for her
but she is a ragdoll of fate
consumed by her destiny, she waits.

Wings spread wide
the Angel doth die
fallen to pieces.

The Wind speaks of a frail story
of a love once held for you
but broken are the pieces of my soul.

You broke them,
Who knew?

Have You Ever?

Have You ever watched a butterflies erratic flight?
Or even the Moonlit sky on a starry night?
Have you ever loved someone so much...
that the most you could do is imagine their touch?
Have you ever loved someone so much that your love turned to sorrow...
until you saw their face,
which could be tomorrow?

Have you ever felt so lonely...
that your heart and soul felt like they were dying slowly?
Have you ever felt safer inside their embrace...
feeling them close, right then, it felt like life was going at an extremely slow pace?
Have you ever watched the beauty of a swan landing gracefully on a crystal clear lake...
then sit and think, "It was God, all of this he had to make?"

Have you ever wanted to love someone forever...
but in your haste not see then slip away in the wind like a dove's feather?
Have you ever sat in your room alone...
Just to hear the sound of a melancholy ghosts moan?
Have you ever looked into the eyes of death...
wondering why it was you he had just left?

Have you ever been on cloud nine while at the mall...
holding their hand, and at that moment, wishing life to stall?
Have you ever missed them from not so far away...
even if you knew you weren't there to stay?
Have you ever loved someone with such a pure heart...
that you knew it was love right from the start?

An Angels Lament

Spread wide his wings go
until tips doth touch heaven.
Fear he follows in complete shame
destruction is his name.
Blood stained soul cries
as sword falls over heavens gate.
Admittance is his plea
forgotten he has to be.
Protection not his triamph
but waiting is his life.
Broken wings of Gods he flies
but never does he leave the ground.
Sad fantasy is he
famed love his crime.
Forever his punishment
no smile for sins
yet blame he accepts
for he is not
the fallen one.

Floral Scented

A floral scent dances around me,
Carried by the Wind on the cusp of an Angel,
Soothing, breathing, living on within.
Darkness shines only but a little
Fading into the winding clock work expression.
Dare one say but so much out of fear,
To drown in the hatred of what's to come.
Free Flights Fall
dizzying down darkness of eternal pain,
shallow'd by the appearance of herself.
Discolored coloration of waves,
feet doth barely touch...
but it feels so good.
Great bursts of heart beats cause loss of breath,
while collapsing backwards into the arms of the afterlife.
The body doth die,
The spirit doth run free,
but the feelings linger..
a forgotten memory of a floral scent.