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Have You Ever?

Have You ever watched a butterflies erratic flight?
Or even the Moonlit sky on a starry night?
Have you ever loved someone so much...
that the most you could do is imagine their touch?
Have you ever loved someone so much that your love turned to sorrow...
until you saw their face,
which could be tomorrow?

Have you ever felt so lonely...
that your heart and soul felt like they were dying slowly?
Have you ever felt safer inside their embrace...
feeling them close, right then, it felt like life was going at an extremely slow pace?
Have you ever watched the beauty of a swan landing gracefully on a crystal clear lake...
then sit and think, "It was God, all of this he had to make?"

Have you ever wanted to love someone forever...
but in your haste not see then slip away in the wind like a dove's feather?
Have you ever sat in your room alone...
Just to hear the sound of a melancholy ghosts moan?
Have you ever looked into the eyes of death...
wondering why it was you he had just left?

Have you ever been on cloud nine while at the mall...
holding their hand, and at that moment, wishing life to stall?
Have you ever missed them from not so far away...
even if you knew you weren't there to stay?
Have you ever loved someone with such a pure heart...
that you knew it was love right from the start?

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